Weight Management Trends & Behaviors: Beyond Dieting & Obesity


Weight management is a core consumer and industry issue, especially in light of the high and growing prevalence of overweight/obese individuals worldwide. With the topic influencing consumer behavior and social policy, it is essential that the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is seen to be making proactively positive contributions

Scope of this research

  • Detailed insights and analysis on the drivers and inhibitors of weight management. Includes strategic conclusions and actionable recommendations
  • Country-specific data on obesity/overweight prevalence and quantitative insight about the relative importance consumers place on weight management
  • Gauge the health of the industry: ascertains consumer trust in the weight management industry and the implications for brand development
  • Covers 20 major markets across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Delivered as a full report and an abridged ppt. brief

Research and analysis highlights

Almost a quarter (24%) of consumers deem "maintaining an ideal weight" to be 'very important'. Approaching half (48%) also consider this to be an 'important' priority. Quite simply, majorities across the 20 countries covered believe in an "ideal weight", and that it is something to strive towards

Weight loss is by far the most pronounced weight management intention in spite of weight gain continuing to be the prevailing reality across countries. Across the 20 countries surveyed by Datamonitor in July/August 2010, nearly half (49%) felt that "trying to lose weight" best describes what they are doing about their weight

Much of a product's eventual success hinges on its credibility and how trustworthy its motives and claimed benefits are deemed. However, consumers are highly untrusting towards the motives and credibility of the weight management industry with weight loss' claims deemed even less trustworthy than 'general health and nutritional claims'

Key reasons to purchase this research

  • Consumer understanding: obtain an understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards weight management with detailed, evidence-led insight
  • Market understanding: detailed country specific data outlining consumers' weight categorization and their weight management intentions & approaches
  • Ideation: gain inspiration for innovative formulations and positioning capitalizing consumers' desire for effective weight management products


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04 Oct 2010
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