The Future of Nutrition Labeling for Food and Drinks in Europe


‘The Future of Front-of-Pack Nutritional Labeling in Food and Drinks’ report aims to dispel some of the myths, compound some of the confusion and clarify many of the complications surrounding the issue of point of purchase labeling in the food and drink market. This report contains analysis of the influence of mandatory and voluntary labeling regulations on new product development (NPD). rbcg0235

Features and benefits

  • Understand the current debate surrounding nutrition labeling, health and nutrition claims, FOP versus BOP, voluntary versus mandatory regulation.
  • Analyze the impact your decision regarding FOP nutrition labeling will have on market innovation, your company’s reputation and CSR.
  • Understand which FOP nutrition labeling schemes are most likely to succeed, which are already being used and which are being deliberated.
  • Assess the impact of voluntary industry-led action through analysis of current and previous schemes.
  • Help with your decision about whether to adopt a particular FOP nutrition labeling scheme now or in the future.


Sweden’s Keyhole FOP labeling system is frequently cited as a best-practice example that has stood the test of time in the global debate. First established in Sweden in 1989, it became accepted as a Nordic label for healthier food and drink in Denmark, Sweden and Norway on June 17, 2009.

According to the European Consumers’ Association, BEUC, independent research shows that a system of color-coding on the front of packs of food packaging which concisely displays whether the key nutrients of fat, saturated fats, sugars and salt - are high, medium or low with red, amber and green ‘traffic lights’, is best understood by consumers.

The calls for clearer information about what a food/drink product is made with, its nutritional value and its role in a healthy diet are growing louder and louder. It is generally agreed that consumers need clear and concise nutrition information on the packaging of food and drink.

Your key questions answered

  • When will EFSA conclude its current work on health claims and when will it all be finalised and enforced?
  • Should I change my packaging now to include a particular FOP nutrition labeling or use a certain one for new products in the pipeline?
  • What should we be doing now ahead of mandatory regulation from Europe and/or our domestic market?
  • What are the benefits of FOP nutrition labels?
  • What are the probems associated with FOP nutrition labels?


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19 Aug 2010
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