The Future of High-Potency Sweeteners


This report analyzes key trends that are shaping the developments in high potency sweeteners. It evaluates new sweetener developments, including: new synthetic, super-potent sweeteners; newly approved natural high potency sweeteners; sweet taste potentiators under development. It also identifies the key technical innovations that will drive future developments. rbig013

Features and benefits

  • Understand the role of high intensity sweeteners within today’s food and drink industry.
  • Assess the innovation trends in artificial and natural high-potency sweeteners and evaluate the potential of the emerging natural sweeteners.
  • Identify which natural sweeteners have been given approval for use by country and learn about legislative challenges facing high-intensity sweeteners.
  • Learn about the latest developments in sweetness potentiators and which industry players are at the forefront of innovation.
  • Benchmark your pipeline against the emerging NPD and understand the cost of sweetness for both natural and artificial high-potency sweeteners.


Calorie-free sweetener markets continue to grow steadily, demonstrating the strength and longevity of calorie control as a driver of consumer choice. Calorie free sweeteners account for around 10% global sweeteners consumption, measured in terms of sucrose equivalent sweetness.

New developments of super-potent sweeteners will ensure that low-calorie sweetness is economically attractive for food manufacturers. Newly approved natural potent sweeteners are in response to consumer demands for the removal of artificial additives from foods and beverages.

Tabletop sweeteners based on rebaudioside-A have captured approximately 12% of the retail market in the US since products were first launched in 2008. New natural sweeteners in development, particularly monatin, have the potential to effect major changes in the way in which low calorie products are sweetened.

Your key questions answered

  • How has the market for high-potency sweeteners developed in the last 30 years and what new technologies are in development or been commercialized?
  • How have consumers embraced natural sweeteners in those markets where they have been approved?
  • What has been the impact of natural sweeteners on the tabletop sweeteners market in the US and how is this driving innovation within the category?
  • What are the technical limitations of current natural sweeteners and what is the effect of these limitations on market development?
  • What sweetener ingredients are under development and how will they impact the sweetener industry when they are fully developed and approved?


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Published on
29 Apr 2010
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