NPD in Kids’ Nutrition


This report provides a detailed analysis of key consumer demographics and lifestyle trends, a detailed review of the past, present and future legislative issues, an analysis of the consumer behavior of kids, tweenagers and parents, key market size and growth data, an in-depth exploration of the specific health and category trends within the kids' market and key opportunities. rbcg0228

Features and benefits

  • Analyze the current trends defining the marketing of healthy foods and beverages for children, and successful product examples.
  • Review the regulations on of hard copy and TV based advertising, and the interrelationships between self-regulation and food law and non-compliance.
  • Assess the the global market for kids' foods and beverages with forecasts for the US, EU and Japan.
  • Explore leading brands and their success strategies and identify the behavioural issues around consumerism and what key issues should be addressed.
  • Identify and understand new opportunities and innovations that are set to define the category in the coming months and years.


From 2009, the growth of the kids' food and beverage market will remain fairly flat although still positive. This is in line with economic projections from the Federal Reserve suggesting a return to typical GDP growth of 2–3% in 2010, with inflation remaining at standard levels of1-2%.

The combined European members of the G7 represent a total market value of $14.3bn in 2009, making Europe important for those looking to enter or expand in the kids' foods and beverage category and succeed in the long run. The US market for kids' foods and beverages is dominated by soft drinks, which make up almost 40% of the category as a whole.

Outside of the US, Europe is the largest market for 'natural' and healthy products, with Western European countries such as Germany, the UK, France and Italy impacting global food and beverage trends. Of all categories, dairy is the largest (23%), representing Europe's interest in all things dairy, from cheeses to probiotic yoghurts.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the latest trends in the market food health kids foods and beverages? And which products are already capitalizing?
  • What lessons can be learned for the nutrition and health claims regulation in the EU and product claim litigation in the US to avoid brand damage?
  • What new products are defining the future of the kids marketed based of packaging, claims and positioning?
  • What products from the EU, US and Asia are offering a unique insight into the next developments for kids' foods and beverages?
  • What are the factors can improve the successful development and launch of healthy foods and beverages within the kids' market in 2010 and beyond?


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Business Insights
Published on
24 May 2010
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