Innovations in Fruit and Vegetable Juices


This report analyzes market data on the value and volume growth of the fruits and vegetable juices market. Innovation and NPD are analyzed by region and category, and emerging market trends are illustrated in the report. Moreover, this report enables manufacturers identify the emerging trends and growth opportunities in fruits and vegetable juices.

Features and benefits

  • Predict future fruit and vegetable juice market size and growth levels using this report’s forecasts to 2014 which are broken down by country.
  • Improve the targeting and effectiveness of your NPD strategies based on analysis of over 4,200 juice products launched globally between 2006 and 2009.
  • Discover the impact of consumer and regulatory drivers on fruit and vegetable juices market and examine the most innovative products launched.
  • Understand which key trends will offer greatest growth potential in the juice market over the next five years.
  • Learn from the NPD and innovations in juices by major players to effectively replicate their successes in the future growth markets.


The global market for juices was valued at approximately $79bn in 2009. This market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% during 2009–14 to reach a value of $93bn in 2014.

Among all new product launches across major soft drinks categories, juices accounted for 30.9% share in 2009, an increase of 7.8% over 2006. Additionally, the juices have outperformed functional drinks in NPD in 2009 by recording an 11% higher share than functional drinks.

In 2009, 'no preservatives' garnered the highest share of 11.3% among all other claims, an increase of 3.7 percentage point since 2006 replacing 'high vitamins' as the most used claim. The close second is 'high vitamins' that accounted for 9.3% share of all claims used in new product launches in 2009, a decline of 1.7 percentage points from 2006.

Your key questions answered

  • How the fruit and vegetable juices markets will grow by value and volumes during 2009–14?
  • How the consumer health concerns and regulatory trends will drive innovations and NPD in fruit and vegetable juices?
  • Which juice categories and geographic regions offer the greatest growth opportunities for the juice manufacturers?
  • How fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers will benefit from the usage of superfruits, exotic fruits and probiotics in their product formulations?
  • How will premium fruit and vegetable juice products perform to 2014?


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05 Oct 2010
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