Future Trends and Growth Opportunities in Vitamins and Minerals


This report identifies the contribution of growth markets such as males, those seeking weight loss, children, and seniors. The regulatory environment in Europe, US and Japan is also covered in detail. The mature markets are analyzed along with China, Brazil and Eastern Europe. Twenty-three vitamins, minerals and elements are reviewed according to their application in foods and drinks. RBCNXXXX

Features and benefits

  • Assess market drivers including increasing demand from seniors, males, those seeking weight-loss and children.
  • Evaluate regulatory environments and changes in Europe, the US and Japan.
  • Understand the application of vitamins and minerals in food and drinks.
  • Analyze established markets including the US, Japan, and Western Europe as well as emerging markets of China, Brazil and Eastern Europe.
  • Learn future trends and strategies for success in the future vitamins and minerals market.


The aging population will not only present opportunities in the form of more older consumers who are more likely to purchase vitamins – the trend also represents an increasing desire by people across the age spectrum to maintain and extend an active lifestyle, creating demand for vitamins.

In the EU, the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (1924/2006) stipulates that claims must be clear, accurate and based on generally accepted scientific evidence. The number of clinical trials involving supplements (predominantly vitamins and minerals) more than doubled, reaching an estimated 841 in 2010.

Vitamins and minerals face stiff competition amidst increasing sales of functional foods and botanical supplements which are perceived to have similar functions. The global vitamins and minerals market was valued at $24bn in 2010, and is forecast to grow to almost $30bn by 2015.

Your key questions answered

  • How is the evolving regulatory environment in the EU, US and Japan affecting those markets?
  • What is the potential for each vitamin/mineral for addition to foods and drinks?
  • How can manufacturers develop growth in mature markets?
  • Which emerging markets will have the greatest growth to 2015?
  • What strategies will allow vitamins and minerals manufacturers to maximize opportunities for growth?


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Published on
23 Nov 2010
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