Innovations In Epigenetics: Advances in Technologies, Diagnostics & Therapeutics


Epigenetic medicine has arrived. The market is worth over $560m, derived from the sale of three oncology products that target two epigenetic pathways, and around thirty epigenetic drugs are under development from more than a dozen biotechnology companies. These therapies focus mainly on the treatment of cancer, as well as neurodegenerative and infectious diseases.

Scope of this research

  • Details of the market leaders in the epigenetics industry, identified through therapeutic areas and recent alliances with pharmaceutical firms.
  • Analysis of these companies' key products, and how these reveal the future direction of epigenetic therapies.
  • Assessment of the challenges and opportunities present in the field of epigenetics.
  • Breakdown of the epigenetic-based diagnostics in development as companion, prognostic and diagnostic tests.

Research and analysis highlights

The ability of innovative companies to generate intellectual property is a key driver for the sector as the market becomes more competitive in this new area of science. The unraveling of the human epigenome will be the first step in identifying new epigenetic markers.

The costs of performing epigenetic research and carrying out preclinical and clinical studies on biomarkers and small molecule epigenetic therapies can be prohibitive. Increasingly, academic institutes and biotechs are forging alliances with the industry to develop and commercialize their products.

There are significant market opportunities for new epigenetic therapies and biomarkers in a variety of disease areas, although the most advanced area is oncology. The success of first-generation broad spectrum products should ensure future investment in this complex and multidisciplinary scientific field.

Key reasons to purchase this research

  • Analyze the key trends and issues confronting the development of epigenetic therapies.
  • Review the alliances, mergers, acquisitions and business strategies undertaken by biotechs and big pharma to capitalize on epigenetic developments.
  • Examine the latest research from the epigenetic associations unraveling the human epigenome.
  • Gain insights into the application and future direction of epigenetic research and its impact on the industry.


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Published on
01 Nov 2009
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