Protide pharmaceuticals reports results of preclinical studies with Viastem

COMPANY PRESS RELEASE: PROTIDE Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CELOX Laboratories, Inc. (CELX), announced, in a statement to the press encouraging results from preclinical studies on the Company's lead bone marrow transplantation product, ViaStem.

ViaStem(TM) was developed to improve the storage and transfusion of stem cells from bone marrow, peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood while a patient receives intensive chemotherapy or radiation treatment for certain cancers, blood disorders and serious genetic disorders.

Preclinical studies are designed to provide sufficient understanding of a product's safety, optimal initial formulation, pharmacological and toxicological potential prior to the initiation of human studies.

In preclinical models, ViaStem(TM) did not produce any significant adverse effects. Additional preclinical studies demonstrated that ViaStem(TM) effectively preserved early hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+) and committed myeloid CFU-GM and CFU-GEMM progenitors while reducing cell toxicity at room temperature.