The Future of Electric Vehicles


This report covers Electric vehicles Technology, economic context, environmental issues which are all aligning to create a more commercial backdrop for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles stand poised to fulfil a need at this important time, providing this cleaner mode of transport, to aid the effort to curb harmful emissions from liquid fuels. rben0234

Features and benefits

  • Analyze the opportunities for future investment through careful study of the development and evolution of the electric vehicles market.
  • Plan infrastructure enhancements better through the understanding of how the electric vehicles segment will take shape in the years ahead.
  • Guard against potential shortcomings, to infrastructure, distribution, generation, as a result of the growth of electric vehicles sector.
  • Assess the attraction and risks for your company of aligning more closely to other players within the electric vehicles market.
  • Benefit from improved decision making as a result of the examination of the wide range of differing technologies shaping the sector.


The IEA group believes the number and type of hybrid electric cars available to the market will grow substantially through to 2015, which will accelerate sales, albeit from this modest base. In its 2009 outlook, the IEA states that, by 2012, global hybrid electric vehicle sales may reach 2.2m units.

Major corporations such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, FedEx and Wal-Mart all now include hybrids in their vehicle fleets, as do forward thinking utilities such as Tokyo Electric Power Corporation.

Smart charging predominately involves power flowing in one direction, but future technology will look at bi-directional power flows, with electricity coming from the vehicle back into the grid. Millions of idle car batteries present a significant useable pool of energy, which utilities could draw on as and when required.

Your key questions answered

  • How will the electricity network need to respond to the growth in the number of electric vehicles on the roads?
  • How much investment will be required in power infrastructure as a result of the projected rise in the number of electric vehicles?
  • Which automotive companies are active in this sector with investment in electric vehicle products?
  • How can utilities take advantage of the electric vehicles sector for distributed generation and storage?
  • To what extent will the growth of the electric vehicles sector place a strain on the global power system and the world’s energy resources?

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26 May 2010
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