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Number of Employees

< 250 (4)

250 - 999 (33)

1,000 - 2,499 (56)

2,500 - 4,999 (58)

5,000 - 9,999 (83)

10,000 - 49,999 (110)

50,000+ (43)

Annual Revenue US$m

< 50 (1)

200 - 499 (3)

500 - 999 (8)

1,000 - 1,999 (62)

2,000+ (318)

Top stories

US politics impede progress toward power grid security

The US Cyber Security Act of 2012, which dealt extensively with grid security, has failed to make it through Congress despite broad support and a growing awareness of the need to address grid security...more >>

Utilities must get their smart home strategies right

Selecting the right partners, technology platforms, and sales channels is critical for utilities making the transition from energy supply to energy service provider, as smart home technologies are adopted in across Europe...more >>

Smart grid will help India avoid future blackouts

The two recent blackouts in India were mainly caused by the failure of India’s electricity infrastructure to meet increasing demand for power. India must upgrade its transmission and distribution network, and invest heavily in smart grid technology. ..more >>

Renewables success depends on support schemes

A new Ovum report, Renewable Energy Legislation: A Move Towards a Low-carbon Economy, looks at the different supporting mechanisms used to development renewables, and the many barriers to growth. ..more >>