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Innovations boost EU bioliquids

High levels of investment in bioenergy research are yielding impressive results, signaling significant potential for cost reductions and improvements in efficiency that will be crucial to the sustainable future of the bioenergy industry...more >>

Fracking may leak away emissions benefits

Fracking for natural gas has been regarded as a relatively low emission source of energy due to lower emissions levels from the burning of the gas compared to coal. However, leakage of methane from some natural gas fields, largely caused by fracking practices, has recently been measured at levels that eradicate these emissions benefits...more >>

Compact cars offer growth opportunities

Compact vehicles are quite simply the place to be if a manufacturer wants to increase new car sales in Europe. Of all the new cars sold in the UK throughout 2012, seven in 10 are considered compact. The number of compact car sales in the UK has risen as consumers aim to downsize their vehicles to improve fuel efficiency amid rising petrol prices. Kia in particular has benefited from this trend...more >>

Dealerships attempt to set the price bar for DAB

The potential switchover to DAB from FM radio has presented the automotive industry with quite an opportunity. If it goes ahead, all existing FM radios would need to be replaced or converted assuming the motorist wishes to keep listening to the radio. Although the decision is not due until the end of 2013, manufacturers are already offering conversion kits to existing customers...more >>

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Sanofi/Genzyme: modest efficacy sees Aubagio compete on price
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France plans to move to progressive prices for electricity, gas, and water
Published 10 September 2012 - Datamonitor

The rise of the small, fuel-efficient car market is driving the decline of the tow bar aftermarket
Published 31 August 2012 - Datamonitor

Dual mass flywheel technology is becoming more prominent despite consumer concerns
Published 29 August 2012 - Datamonitor

Dwell: not resting on its laurels
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Tesco: testing foodservice with Taylor Street coffee chain
Published 16 August 2012 - Datamonitor

Merck: generic Singulair threat becomes reality
Published 06 August 2012 - Datamonitor

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