The Future of Targeted Functional and Wellbeing Food and Drinks


Nutraceuticals/functional food and drinks have had an influence in the development of the food and drinks industry over the past five years. This report that provides a rigorous study of the growth, drivers and future market size of the functional food and drinks market, evaluating and identifying the key ingredients that will take it forward.

Features and benefits

  • Quantify and target future growth areas with this report’s analysis of epidemiological data of 6 conditions driving functional food and drinks.
  • Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this report’s analysis of current major nutraceutical food and drinks markets.
  • Gain insight into new regulation and the effect of these regulations on the industry in the next five years, across the globe.
  • Implement best-practice strategies using this reports case studies of current key ingredients used in succesful functional foods and drinks.
  • Predict the effects of major health trends on global innovation and NPD in terms of the share of NPD and growth of NPD in each therapy area and region


Increased health awareness and consumer confidence coupled with an aging population has driven demand for products that improve the quality of life, have specific health benefits and can be used by consumers to self-medicate.

The demand from the older generation will dramatically increase over the next four decades. Certainly disease-focused targeting will improve, creating a clear demand for more personalized nutrition. The demand for foods which offer health benefits and even promote disease prevention will become more important in order to avoid the long term costs.

The food industry, like the pharmaceutical industry, has recognized that ‘one size fits all’ approach is not always applicable and nutritional recommendations could be improved by personalization, for example with respect to metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Your key questions answered

  • How will changes in consumer demographics affect functional food and drinks market development?
  • What are the key emerging ingredients for functional food and drinks?
  • What are current market trends, and how will they develop over the next five years?
  • How will the changing health claims regulations affect the functional food and drinks market?
  • What are possible applications for these new ingredients?


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Business Insights
Published on
23 Nov 2010
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