Personalization Trends in Food and Drinks: From Customization to Nutrigenomics


More personalized offerings often resonate well with shoppers. Nearly three-quarters of consumers across 20 countries deem whether the product features best address their needs as being highly influential in deciding what grocery products and brands offer good value for money. In fact, this reponse was the leading factor in consumers interpretation of what represents good value for money.

Features and benefits

  • Obtain ‘evidence-led insight’: access multiple waves of unique primary consumer research data to support improved decision making
  • Develop compelling ‘on-trend’ products: better meet individualistic food and beverage consumers’ preferences for more personalized food and drinks
  • Improved opportunity profiling: identify consumer segments and industry best practice to better capitalize on an important and evolving FMCG trend
  • Learn from the innovators: NPD and marketing analysis offering salient examples of best practice across the differing layers of personalization


Strengthening science supports that each person's unique genetic makeup determines the response to what they eat. From a consumer perspective, more than half of consumers across 20 countries consider the idea of using information about a person's genetic make up in order to provide them with nutritional and/or diet related advice to be appealing

With successful branding often anchored in developing and marketing a product which a consumer perceives as possessing unique added values which match their needs more closely, then personalized nutrition can also be viewed as an important component of future focused food and beverage branding

Approaching two-thirds of consumers consider food and beverages formulated with their specific nutritional needs in mind to be appealing. However, more personalized choices satisfying more specific needs is at odds with a high level of agreement with the statement that, “there is too much choice when doing grocery shopping”

Your key questions answered

  • What are the differing tiers of personalization in food and drinks? What are the benefits of personalized products for both producers and consumers?
  • What do consumers think about differing aspects of personalization? How does it vary by country, demographics and personalization theme?
  • What does the future hold for personalized nutrition? To what extent are consumers attracted to functional foods and nutrigenomics?
  • What are the inherent barriers and challenges associated with developing more personalized food and drinks?
  • What are my competitors and industry peers doing in NPD and marketing to capitalize on consumers' desire for more personalized food and drinks?


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30 Nov 2010
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