Key Trends in Nutraceutical Food and Drinks


This report provides an in-depth analysis of the regional and global trends in the healthy ingredients sector and the current state of the science behind their efficacy. Utilizing an analysis of over 10,000 products, this report provides practical examples of current ingredient applications and where the future ingredient opportunities may lie and how to exploit them. RBCG0156

Features and benefits

  • Evaluate and exploit new opportunities from the use of novel nutraceutical ingredients within food and drinks products.
  • Predict the effects of major health trends on global innovation and NPD in terms of the share of NPD and growth of NPD in each category and region.
  • Understand key changes in food and drinks legislation and assess how key companies are ensuring legislative compliance.
  • Benchmark leading executives opinions on the functional food and drinks market detailing drivers, trends and leading ingredients.
  • Create more successful strategies to exploit future health trends with analysis of highly innovative trend leading brands.


Further harmonization between the European Foods Standards Agency (EFSA) and local bodies will mean that the submission of dossiers for consideration by EFSA will become an important part of product launches in the EU.

The damaging media coverage associated with the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx is lending credibility to natural ingredient solutions. Vioxx was considered as safe as aspirin and it’s withdrawal will inevitably drive more consumers to functional food and drinks alternatives.

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act in the US and the FSA imposed “traffic light system” in the UK and Europe are both aimed at helping consumers make informed healthier food choices and will impact on some categories in 2007.

Your key questions answered

  • What is the biggest change in Europe influencing functional food and drinks NPD?
  • Within each health trend, which food and drink categories are growing the fastest?
  • What measures are being introduced globally to promote better heart health and what is the biggest untapped opportunity for cardiovascular products?
  • What are the latest novel ingredients being tested for application in food and drinks?
  • Who are the major players providing ingredients for each of the key health trends?


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Published on
04 Jan 2007
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