Key Trends and Innovations in Nutraceutical Soft Drinks


This report analyzes the market by value with forecasts to 2013. It examines in detail innovation in terms of product category, geography, drinks ingredients, drinks functions and demographic targeting. It also identifies both current and emerging trends to provide valuable insight into market developments over the next five years. rbcg0216

Features and benefits

  • Understand the key trends in nutraceutical soft drinks with our analysis of innovation by category, region and claims, based on 6,000 new products.
  • Analyze the key success factors and the most innovative trends behind leading nutraceutical drinks brands.
  • Identify the key players using our analysis of leading soft drinks manufacturers’ innovation profiles.
  • Forecast growth areas in energy drinks, sports drinks, dairy drinks and functional beverages in Western Europe, the US and Japan.


In terms of consumption per person the population of the US grew to $90 in 2008 – much higher than the $35 of the UK, the leading country in Europe. The Americas are consolidated: the top three companies account for almost 75% of nutraceutical soft drink sales. Elsewhere, the markets are much less consolidated and contain stronger regional players.

Although the proportion of new products described as being upscale rose from 3.1% in 2006 to 5.0% in 2008, this figure has fallen by more than half to 2.4% in 2009. In contrast the proportion of launches under retailers’ private labels, having grown from 0.8% in 2006 to 0.9% in 2009, jumped to 1.2% in 2009.

Energy drinks accounted for 45% of all new functional drinks launched in 2009. Sports drinks accounted for 12% after which came brain function drinks (6%), heart health drinks (5%), beauty drinks (5%) and digestive health drinks (4%).

Your key questions answered

  • What is the most common claim made on nutraceutical beverages and what are the newly-emerging benefits being claimed by manufacturers?
  • Which demographic is most commonly targeted by nutraceutical beverages?
  • Can NPD in Japan help predict future new product flavors in other regions and which countries will growth most quickly over the next five years?
  • How much do other major health trends such as low fat and organic, crossover with nutraceuticals?
  • What are some of the key developments in the cognitive health area?


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04 Jan 2010
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