Hot Trends in Food and Drinks in Japan


This report assesses how innovation in the Japanese food and drinks industry is influencing European and US markets. Global manufacturers are faced with the challenge of interpreting Japanese trends before considering whether they will translate into other markets despite cultural differences and variations in regional regulation.

Features and benefits

  • Gain key insight and understanding into Japanese food and drink innovation and learn how such trends can be interpreted for use in Western markets.
  • Improve the targeting and effectiveness of your NPD strategy based on the analysis of over 6,000 products launched between 2006-10.
  • Identify the key trends driving innovation in Japanese food and drinks.
  • Understand how regulation and other market pressures are influencing NPD and learn how manufacturers are adjusting their strategies.
  • Predict future opportunities in the Japanese food and drinks market.


Many product innovations launched in Japan within the food and drinks markets have gone global, particularly in the functional food industry. Functional products are generally becoming more targeted in their health claims in order to address specific consumer demand and separate from other areas of the market.

Japanese consumers are particularly accepting of new types of health food and drink, making it a hotspot for innovation. According to the OECD, Japan is the "oldest" nation, and its aging population has been a key factor driving uptake of health-targeting products

Manufacturers have responded to the individualistic demands of consumers through initiatives such as crowdsourcing. Rather than address general trends like health and wellness, Japanese manufacturers target very specific groups, such as students that are due to sit exams or elderly consumers that want to enhance their cognitive health.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the key innovations currently impacting Japanese food and drink markets?
  • Which new product categories could become successful in the US and Europe?
  • What are the limitations of Japanese trends crossing over into other markets?
  • How is the recession impacting Japanese new product development?
  • What does the future hold for Japanese new product development?


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Published on
01 Jan 2011
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