Gender Marketing Strategies in Food and Drinks


Gender Marketing Strategies in Food and Drinks: Future profit opportunities, best practice innovation and NPD is a new report by Business Insights revealing best practice innovation case-studies for targeting consumers and the role gender takes in devising new product development strategies. This new report will enable you to identify how gender impacts upon the marketing mix. rbcg0129

Features and benefits

  • Changing demographics - Detailed analysis of shifts in the demographics of men and women, how they are changing as consumers and how this varies.
  • Best practice strategies for targeting consumers – Examines how exclusion and inclusion strategies can be executed with examples of each strategy.
  • The lessons learnt from personal care - How to target a particular gender in personal care that can be applied to food and beverages.
  • Analysis of media fragmentation - An examination of the countries where media is more fragmented in order to establish an idea of the platform.
  • Discusses the limitations in gender marketing and how important gender marketing is as a marketing tool.


Top gender targeted categories such as meal replacements and diet foods, health drinks and energy drinks reveal that gender targeting tends to fit with products with health benefits.

Explicit gender marketing is low, of the new products tracked between the period 1st January 2000 to 1st January 2005, 0.6% were aimed at women and 0.2% were targeted at men. Women dominate consumer goods spending. They are responsible for 80% of all purchases and 82% of all consumer goods spending.

The opportunity in health products is the different attitudes towards health that open up opportunity. For example, there is a stigma attached to men dieting, Pepsi solved this issue by formulating diet drinks, which did not have 'diet' in the brand name, such as Pepsi Max and Pepsi One.

Your key questions answered

  • Which food and drink categories are the most lucrative for targeting consumers by gender?
  • What are the best strategies for using gender in marketing and NPD strategies?
  • How will changes in demographics affect food and drink products in the short and long term and how will this impact your future gender marketing?
  • In which countries is media more fragmented and how will this change over the next three years?
  • Which countries provide the greatest profit opportunity for targeting consumers by gender?


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Business Insights
Published on
18 Jul 2005
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