Future Innovations in Food and Drinks to 2012


The Innovation report – Based on extensive analysis of over 75,000 new product launches and an exclusive global panel survey, the report explores the key trends in the global food and drinks market, assesses the most innovative models, analyses the most innovative products and provides actionable recommendations for increasing innovation success rates. RBCG0158

Features and benefits

  • Save time and money in research with the report’s succinct compilation and analysis of all the major market data.
  • Develop innovative future NPD strategies by utilising the report’s unique NPD insights and recommendations.
  • Assess your organisation utilisation of external innovation sources and the potential for increasing return on investment on innovation investment.
  • Strengthen your market position and/or enter new niche markets by identifying where the major growth opportunities lie.
  • Anticipate how to develop, market and distribute your products as effectively as possible by understanding the current and future industry dynamics.


The industry still relies to a great degree on internal sources of innovation despite proof that external sources can be quicker and more cost effective.

Convergence on the mega trends “health”, “convenience”, “premium” and “ethical” in the global food and drinks market is set to intensify, with increasing number new products to be positioned in two or more trends to continue to rise in the next five years.

Despite the dominance of formulation-led innovation, packaging is expected to play increasingly important role, especially in nutrient/flavor preservation.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the key industry issues affecting the future of global food and drinks?
  • What are key developments in innovation? And what drives them?
  • Who are the innovation leaders and what lessons can be learned from them?
  • What are innovation dynamics across the major product groups?
  • What are the best metrics to measure innovation success? And how widely are they being used?


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21 Feb 2007
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