Emerging Flavors in Soft Drinks


This report identifies the key drivers of change in soft drinks flavors, hotspots of NPD activity and what it means for flavors and soft drinks manufacturers. It analyzes the key flavors and highlights new combinations that are being used to drive premium positionings of soft drinks. It also indentifies future opportunities in flavors. rbig0014

Features and benefits

  • Understand in depth the consumer trends that are driving the soft drinks industry and how they influence flavor development.
  • Identify high growth areas within soft drinks and the opportunities they present for flavors and flavor development.
  • Explore the latest NPD flavor trends by sub-segment and region and learn which ones are the most innovative.
  • Assess the impact of traditional flavors, and identify the opportunities that from technologies in satiety, nutrient boosting and natural sweeteners.
  • Identify future added value flavor opportunities by understanding emerging trends in flavor combinations and premiumization.


In bottled water, varieties of spices and herbs grew in popularity, with cinnamon, ginger, and basil all appearing in significantly more products in 2009, along with cardamom, cassis, black tea, and calamansi lime. A growing trend in concentrates is the launch of products designed to mix into either alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.

In functional drinks usage of herbs, spices and exotic fruits all increased in frequency. Chamomile showed high growth and a number of berry variants also appeared more frequently, including wild berry, and blue raspberry. The blending of superfruits with herbs, botanicals, seaweed and or algae in functional soft drinks will grow in importance.

Blended juices accounted for over 40% of new juice products launched in 2009. An emerging trend in juice drinks is to combine the health benefits of exotic fruits with herbs and teas to create a ‘superjuice’. Differentiating flavors by varietal, species or origin will grow in the future as it will offer manufacturers added value opportunities.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the key consumer drivers of the soft drinks industry and how are they impacting flavor innovation?
  • What are the latest legislative challenges facing the industry and how does this affect the claims that can be made on product labels?
  • What are the most popular and fastest growing flavors by soft drinks sub-segment and which segments are the most innovative?
  • What opportunities do the latest technological developments in satiety, nutrient boosting and natural sweeteners present for the flavors industry?
  • What are the future trends in soft drinks flavors and what challenges and opportunities do they present to both flavors and soft drinks manufacturers?


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Published on
01 Jun 2010
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