Biotech for Wellness


This report reviews the business strategies of leading companies involved in the development of nutraceuticals/ ingredients. It also looks at the adoption of biotech technologies and business models to maximize return on investment and develop products that offer a more personalized approach to nutrition and promote health and wellness. rbcn0009

Features and benefits

  • Identify the companies leading the field in nutraceutical research from food and drinks manufacturers.
  • Assess their key products and business alliances that enable them to participate in this consumer driven marketplace.
  • Compare areas of biotech and strategic development in food and drinks influencing how nutraceuticals are identified, clinically assessed and promoted.
  • Analyze the market drivers regarding the adoption of nutraceuticals and the personalization of nutrition in the promotion of health and wellness.
  • Understand new regulation and the effect of these regulations on the industry in the next five years, across the globe.


Synergies exist between the food and drinks and biotech industry in clinical research and the identification of new ingredients that may create new opportunities. Many food and drinks companies have adopted a biotech-like open network business model and product development strategies (outsourcing) to develop the next generation of health products

There are significant opportunities for new nutraceuticals that promote wellness in existing and emerging markets. Successful products will be able to clearly differentiate themselves through positive health claims and clear trademark labeling, and focused DTC campaigns to improve consumer education and awareness of health benefits.

The ability of innovative companies to generate intellectual property is a key driver for the sector as more and more companies are looking to use novel technologies such as nutrigenomics and incorporating nutraceutical to meet consumer demand for personalized nutrition.

Your key questions answered

  • Which companies are involved in the development of health and wellness food and drinks and how they influence the uptake of personalized nutrition?
  • How are market leaders applying nutraceutical research in their R&D programs to develop new products or create new marketing opportunities.
  • What is the regulatory status of nutraceuticals and how will changes in these regulations affect the industry in the near future?
  • What are the key drivers for health and nutrition and the development of personalized nutrition, now and in the future?
  • What potential lessons may be learnt from the biotech industry in the development of niche, targeted products which promote health and wellness?


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Business Insights
Published on
29 Apr 2010
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