Borden Dairy to expand milk distribution in Southeast

Borden Dairy Company, a processor, distributor and seller of milk, has announced that it will bring its creamy milk to more dairy aisles across the Southeast. Borden milk is now available in Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina at thousands of local retail locations.

Borden milk is also sold in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Coburg Dairy in South Carolina and Dairy Fresh in Alabama have been renamed Borden Dairy Company of South Carolina and Borden Dairy Company of Alabama, respectively, to support the brand's relaunch and expanded distribution.

Borden Dairy Company of Alabama will also oversee local Borden milk processing in its Hattiesburg, Mississippi plant. The Hattiesburg facility will supply fresh Borden milk to communities throughout Mississippi.

"Milk is not just milk. Borden milk is a premium product with a great taste and enhanced nutrition. Our milk provides nine grams of protein and 35% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium per serving. Traditional fluid milk provides eight grams of protein and 30% of the recommended daily allowance of calcium per serving," said Mark Flagg, general manager of Borden Dairy Company of Alabama. "We look forward to delivering our delicious milk to those living in the Southeast as well as reintroducing consumers to Elsie, our beloved spokescow."

Consumers will be reintroduced to the brand via an integrated retail and trade marketing plan that serves to educate and encourage them to discover the Borden difference.