Strategies for Delivering Multi-Play Consumer Services


This report examines the essential themes behind successful multi-play consumer telecom services – convergence, personalization, simplification, specialization, mobility and simplicity – in terms of: architectural / functional components; opportunities for service differentiation; key enabling technologies; challenges in implementation and deployment; market examples; potential market obstacles.

Features and benefits

  • Identify the key consumer meta-themes that are behind successful multi-play services.
  • Examine the enabling technologies and architectural components behind these essentials, and also examples of market implementations and obstacles.
  • Analyze existing multi-play services in order to replicate their successes and learn from any failures.


Telecom operators must find ways to differentiate their brand in a market where services and service providers are often indistinguishable. Five features characterize successful multi-service offerings: convergence, personalization, specialization, mobility and simplicity. Leveraging these features differentiates consumer products and services.

Providers' success and profitability with converged services depends on a convergence architecture that adapts content to networks and devices, optimizes user experience, and rationalizes the business model.

Providers need a “me-centric” architecture for applications, services and environments that personalizes from the customer’s point-of-view instead of the advertiser’s.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the key factors behind differentiated, successful multi-play consumer services?
  • How can both fixed and mobile consumer services be truly converged, personalized, specialized, and simplified?
  • What are the key enabling technologies behind successful multi-play services?
  • What challenges and obstacles must be overcome to provide a successful multi-play service?
  • Which existing multi-play services have been successful? What are the reasons behind this success?


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Business Insights
Published on
13 Sep 2011
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