Low Carbon Asset Database


This database provides a comprehensive snapshot of the low carbon power infrastructure in individual European countries. This includes information on all power assets that produce electricity using low carbon sources – hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, bioenergy, marine/tidal, and geothermal – in terms of generation capacity (MW), output (GWh), year of commissioning, stakeholders involved, and so on.

Features and benefits

  • The database serves as a one-stop solution for clients interested in understanding the low-carbon power asset landscape in Europe.
  • The database will help readers to understand the future outlook of specific markets by analyzing assets that are planned or under construction.


The target audience who will benefit from this database are industry players operating or looking to enter into the utilities and renewable/low-carbon space and the suppliers and manufacturers of underlying technology equipment, such as wind turbine manufacturers.

Your key questions answered

  • How are low-carbon power assets distributed in various countries in the EU?
  • Who are the major stakeholders of renewable/low-carbon power assets across the EU?

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09 Nov 2011
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