European Power Assets Database


The European Power Assets Database includes information on power assets that generate power through the use of fuel input sources such as coal, hydro, fuel oil, natural gas, refinery gas, nuclear, and wind. It covers assets at any point in their lifecycle (operational, planned, under construction, abandoned), detailing generation capacity, output, year of commissioning, and stakeholders involved.

Features and benefits

  • This database is a one-stop solution for clients interested in understanding the power assets landscape in any European country.
  • This database will help you to understand the ownership of power assets across the key markets in the EU.


The European Power Assets Database provides information including source of energy, status of the asset, size/capacity, production/output, year of commissioning, year of decommissioning, load factor, major stakeholders, and transfer capacity of transmission lines.

Your key questions answered

  • Understand the future outlook of a specific market by analyzing assets that are planned or under construction.
  • Assess the distribution of power assets across various countries in the EU by the source of energy used.

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21 Aug 2014
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