The Future of R&D Outsourcing


Current industry trends are examined as the context of This report summarizes the current landscape for outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, identifying emerging trends and predicting important models for the future. A review of traditional and emerging working relationships between pharma and CRO are also presented.

Features and benefits

  • Understand different sponsor/CRO working models currently practiced.
  • Identify emerging and future trends in the outsourcing market.
  • Understand the benefits of innovative partnership arrangements between pharma and CRO.
  • Identify the services of greatest importance in the outsourcing market.
  • Forecast the CRO market to 2016.


The use of outsourcing has developed over the last 10 years from a tactical commodity exchange to a full strategic partnership involving sharing of goals and objectives, milestones, knowledge, processes, and in some cases, risks. This trend is predicted to continue over the coming 5–10 years.

Offering drug discovery and preclinical research facilities supports full-service CROs in their position as sole providers for large pharmaceutical companies. The global market in drug discovery and preclinical outsourcing is expected to continue to show strong growth over the short to medium term.

CROs are leading the field in the development of innovative solutions to improve clinical trial efficiency, including the use of adaptive design trials. Adaptive design improves efficiency by reducing waste and shortening timelines.

Your key questions answered

  • What models of outsourcing will dominate over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • How can manufacturers and CROs work together more effectively to accelerate drug development?
  • How can manufacturers and CROs work together more effectively to accelerate drug development?
  • Which parts of the R&D process are best suited to outsourcing?
  • Which group of outsourcing providers will face the toughest conditions to 2017?


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Published on
18 Jul 2012
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