In Vitro Diagnostics M&A and Deal Trends


The growing demand for in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) is stimulating increased deal activity in the industry as companies position themselves to take advantage of opportunities, particularly for early disease diagnosis and better targeted treatments in the emerging companion diagnostic market.

Features and benefits

  • An overview of IVD industry trends by geography, technology type, and leading players.
  • Analysis of partnership deal and M&A activity in the IVD market, including the leading deal makers, as well as analysis by geography and deal value.
  • Case study analysis of four prominent IVD companies that are at the forefront of M&A activity.
  • Discussion of future trends in the IVD industry, including which types of IVD will be key targets for future M&A and partnership deals.


While the mature markets of the US, Europe, and Japan accounted for a combined share of 75% of the global IVD market in 2010, the rapidly expanding emerging markets represent significant growth opportunities.

The IVD industry is polarized between a handful of global, multi-technology companies with sales of over $1bn, and around 250 smaller players that tend to focus on developing new technologies or producing diagnostics for a specific market segment.

During 2009–12, there was significant collaboration between IVD and top 50 pharma companies focused on personalized therapy with the aim of developing companion diagnostics. With 12 personalized therapy deals entered into by the end of April, 2012 could be a bumper year for such partnerships.

Your key questions answered

  • What are the current trends shaping the in vitro diagnostics industry?
  • What strategies are companies in the in vitro diagnostics industry implementing to drive future growth?
  • What are the key strategies for success when entering into deals in the in vitro diagnostics industry?
  • What are the future trends and outlook for players in the in vitro diagnostics sector?


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17 Jul 2012
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