Half Year 2012: Big Pharma Update


The Big Pharma Peer set – comprising those companies with annual revenues in excess of $10bn – posted H1 2012 sales of $196.6bn, down by $4.2bn over the total for H1 2011. Of the 12 companies covered in this analysis, half posted positive H1 2012 sales growth (over H1 2011) others were not so fortunate.

Features and benefits

  • Comparative performance of leading branded prescription pharmaceutical companies
  • Snapshot of Big Pharma's current sales performance and outlook through to 2017


French company Sanofi saw the biggest advance in H1 2012 sales (over the year prior). The company enjoyed pharmaceutical sales growth from a range of products, but the biggest cause for the upturn in sales was Sanofi's reporting a full half year of Genzyme-sourced products.

Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer posted the biggest H1 2012 sales losses compared to H1 2011, seeing their sales decline by $2.7bn each over the year prior. For both companies, generic sales erosion of flagship products was the primary cause of the sales deficit.

Your key questions answered

  • Analyze the current and forecast performance of the Big Pharma peer set as a whole through a variety of key metrics
  • Company-by-company analysis of performance through the first six months of 2012 and outlook for the future


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10 Aug 2012
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