ZyXEL wins procurement tender of CHT digital home project

ZyXEL Communications, a broadband access solutions provider, has won the procurement tender of Chunghwa Telecom's digital home project. Both the firms are based in Taiwan.

Chunghwa Telecom's media-on-demand (MOD) service customer receives a set-top box required for service. With this latest tender Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) will also provide ZyXEL Powerline network kits.

According to ZyXEL, its Powerline network kits enable users to link their internet connection to convenient locations anywhere within the home to watch MOD programs at their leisure.

In addition to home power lines, the ZyXEL equipment included in this tender also delivers data through coax cables providing multiple ways for extending the network connection from home broadband routers.

Yuh-Long Chen, president of ZyXEL, said: "The Powerline solution is fast, easy-to-use and will add a fat pipe for streaming multimedia video into homes. With the successful Powerline deployment in CHT's MOD project, we are confident that the cooperative model and experience obtained will benefit other worldwide digital home-related projects."