ZyXEL launches VFG Series of firewall/VPN gateways

ZyXEL Communications Inc., a provider of secure broadband networking, internet connectivity and routing products, has launched VFG Series of firewall/VPN gateways created exclusively for small businesses and home offices.

Built-in support for IPSec and PPTP VPN offers organizations the flexibility to use either enterprise-grade IPSec VPN client software or free Windows's built-in VPN client. ZyXEL's VPNC certification also provides compatibility with existing VPN equipment. The wireless-N version (VFG6005N) offers dual SSIDs for separate home and business networks or a separate guest network, ensuring business privacy.

The VFG series offers router features with the wireless version offering 300Mbps speed. In addition, both versions have a built-in 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch. The series also features 3G auto failover for uninterrupted broadband access. The 3G access is supported via a USB port. Finally, the series offers reliability with 60,000 NAT sessions, and UPnP Support for cloud applications.

"Small businesses and home offices are just as vulnerable to security breaches as larger firms," said Steven Joe, executive vice president of channel business at ZyXEL. "As a result, consumer products don't cut it for them, yet enterprise systems are out of their budget. Hence, we designed the VFG Series to deliver performance suitable for fiber broadband, essential business features and ease of use, all at a very appealing price point."