Wincor Nixdorf unveils closed-cycle cash management solutions

Wincor Nixdorf AG, a provider of information technology solutions for the retail and banking sectors, has unveiled closed-cycle cash management solutions that enable retailers to increase the efficiency of their cash handling processed - from the checkout to cash logistics.

Wincor Nixdorf's new technology reportedly optimizes cash handling and enhances security by using a standardized cash cassette.

According to the company, notes are sorted and stored in intelligent cassettes right at the point of sale. A chip memorizes the cash holdings in every single cassette, eliminating the need for manual counting and re-checking. The time and effort needed to prepare cash drawers at the cash office is also eliminated, since these processes are now automated.

To optimize cash processes at the checkout zone and to offer retailers all the advantages of a closed cash cycle, Wincor Nixdorf integrates its CINEO solutions in its self-checkout system. Cash is collected in a mobile drum module, transported securely to the cash office and automatically consolidated in a CINEO solution for the cash office. The result is an end-to-end, closed and secure process - from when cash is taken at the checkout to the cash-in-transit operator, the company said.

The TPCash software monitors the filling level of all cash recycling solutions and ensures that cash is available and can be issued in the checkout zone when required.

"Automation of cash handling creates advantages for retailers and customers alike. It's easier for new employees to get to know the ropes, checkouts can be opened faster at peak times and there is greater security and transparency for all cash processes. The result is an overall increase in productivity and competitiveness," said Patrick Leonard, vice president Retail at Wincor Nixdorf, North America.