WACKER expands collaboration with DKSH in southeast Asia

WACKER Group, a Germany-based company engaged in chemical industry, is expanding its collaboration with the Swiss market expansion services group DKSH in southeast Asia.

In addition to representing WACKER biotech products, DKSH will market pyrogenic silica and silicones for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries beginning in November 2012.

WACKER transferred the responsibility for marketing cyclodextrins, cystine and cysteine in southeast Asia to DKSH in early October 2012. Starting in November 2012, the regional service portfolio of this market expansion services group will also include some of the chemical company's other products. The specific products in question are pyrogenic silicas (sold under the HDK trademark) and BELSIL functionalized silicones, both of which are used as auxiliaries or additives in a variety of formulations in personal care, food and pharmaceutical products.

"The markets in Southeast Asia are experiencing dynamic growth and becoming more and more important to us," stresses Dr Jurgen Frisch, head of Distribution Management at WACKER. "Collaboration with DKSH now allows us to better serve potential customers in the region while continuing to develop our market position for pyrogenic silica and BELSIL products."