University of Connecticut deploys BMC Control-M Workload Automation suite

University of Connecticut has deployed the BMC Control-M Workload Automation suite of scheduling tools from BMC Software, Inc., a developer of software that provides system and service management solutions for enterprises.

UConn needed a scheduling solution that would ensure on-time completion of batch jobs associated with a new, mission-critical financial application. To obtain the capabilities needed for UConn's complex scheduling requirements and ensure that these requirements were met, UConn implemented the Control-M Workload Automation suite.

With BMC's Control-M products, UConn was able to: improve the efficiency of job creation and management; simplify the development and customization of production schedules with templates that allowed easy modification; prevent service disruptions by alerting administrators so they could intervene proactively to prevent delays or errors; increase the reliability and security of file transfers; and remediate security vulnerabilities associated with scheduled database back-ups.

"We've used Control-M job scheduling solutions on our mainframe for more than 15 years," said Nancy Flynn, operating systems programmer/analyst for technical infrastructure at UConn. "Our job scheduling department is well versed in how they work, and the user community is aware of what Control-M can do on the mainframe. There was a big push to move onto Control-M."