Thales' integrated surveillance suite now in operation in China

Thales, a provider of onboard and ground systems for the civil aerospace market, has announced that the latest integrated surveillance suite known as T3CAS is now flying in China on-board Chengdu Airlines.

T3CAS includes TCAS (Traffic and Collision Avoidance System), TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) and Transponder functions all in a single 6 MCU Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). These functions have been integrated into one single unit to save weight, space and improve system reliability.

The T3CAS being installed on Chengdu Airlines includes the latest Airbus solution in ADS-B IN capabilities (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) known as ATSAW (Air Traffic Situational Awareness). This enables airlines to save fuel consumption by better merging and spacing and adjusting flight levels, while providing enhanced situational awareness.

T3CAS could also allow Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required capacity - (RNP with AR) approaches in terrain challenging airports with the high resolution terrain Data Base loaded in the T3CAS box.

"T3CAS delivers the most advanced air traffic surveillance and terrain avoidance capability", said Olivier Guibert, President Thales China and North Asia region. "Through technological advancements, like performance based TAWS, T3CAS is an integrated solution that features more advanced terrain conflict prediction and alerting functions, less weight and volume compared to federated systems, reduced wiring and improved power efficiency, all these translate to significant savings for the airlines" Olivier emphasizes.