Texas Instruments introduces power management controller

Texas Instruments Incorporated, or TI, has introduced UCC28710 flyback controller, a power management controller with a 700-V start-up switch that achieves less than 10 mW of 'no-load' standby power in 5-watt and 10-watt cube adapters used with smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the lower power capability, the new UCC28710 primary-side, regulated fly back controller helps designers create smaller cube adapters and AC-powered equipment, the company said.

The UCC28710 flyback controller is available in a 7-pin, SOIC package and is priced at US$0.42 in quantities of 1,000. The 5-W UCC28711EVM evaluation module is available for ordering through TI's eStore. The module converts a 90-V to 265-V RMS input voltage down to 5 V DC, with a 1-A current limit for USB adapter applications, the company added.