Silver Spring Networks unveils new UtilityIQ Demand Optimizer solution

Silver Spring Networks, a networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, has unveiled the new UtilityIQ Demand Optimizer solution, a high-precision demand response management system that helps utilities manage peak load and implement real-time demand response initiatives.

"Our utility customers are looking to Silver Spring's networking platform to enable a new generation of intelligent applications, and for many Demand Side Management is at the top of the list," said Matt Smith, head of the demand side management business at Silver Spring Networks. "The new UtilityIQ Demand Optimizer solution further expands our DSM portfolio, providing our customers with a robust set of technologies to implement their DR initiatives."

The Silver Spring UtilityIQ Demand Optimizer solution optimizes load management across disparate DR programs and systems, such as load control, time of use, and price response, among others, the company said.

Other capabilities of the Silver Spring UtilityIQ Demand Optimizer solution include a real-time optimization and forecast analytics engine that leverages existing meter data; dispatch of load control events to devices via the Silver Spring Smart Energy Platform or other head-end system; simplified program management via a rules-based engine; and CRM functions to ensure customer eligibility, track customer participation, and manage multiple participations, the company added.