Safe Software releases FME 2013 desktop and server versions

Safe Software, a provider of spatial data transformation technology, has announced the release of both FME 2013 desktop and server versions.

FME 2013 adds support for 28 new formats across point cloud/LiDAR, 3D, raster, database, vector and XML. Notable new formats include the AS E57 point cloud format, X3D, Autodesk IMX, PostGIS raster, SpatiaLite, Salesforce, and more, the company said.

The new version also introduces new 3D transformation tools that provide additional ways to manipulate and combine data so that output data produces realistic models in 3D visualization applications, the company added.

"The use of 3D and point cloud data is increasingly becoming more common," said Dale Lutz, vice president of Development at Safe Software. "By introducing support for more formats and new transformation capabilities, we aim to help our clients take better advantage of these rich datasets within their everyday projects."

Other improvements and additions of FME 2013 include automatic reading and writing of zipped files; speedier writing for most common raster formats; and the ability to create Esri shape datasets with spatial indexes that load quickly into ArcGIS, the company reported.

According to the company, FME Desktop features usability enhancements designed to make it easier to navigate and configure workflows. One addition is the new 'Smart Delete' function, which automatically repairs connections between transformers when one is deleted. Other changes in FME Desktop 2013 include improved zoom control, new shortcuts for faster execution of common functions, and faster displaying of results in the log window.

FME Server introduces new capabilities that enhance automated data access and distribution. Through its event-driven architecture, the service is able to receive and process data in real-time through a variety of mechanisms, make instant intelligent decisions, and then send data notifications to nearly any web application or mobile device. Other new features in FME Server 2013 include a new and improved web user interface for easier navigation and simpler integration with FME Desktop and third-party applications, the company concluded.