Proact signs agreement with University of Oulu to deliver storage solution

Proact, a provider of systems, support and consulting services, has announced that it will deliver an EMC VNX 5700 disk system to the University of Oulu.

The new solution complements with the existing storage system. With VNX, it is possible to expand and replicate the current storage system without problems.

"Due to our high number of users, centralized storage systems is one of the most critical information systems of our university," says Veikko Suorsa, IT manager of the University of Oulu.

"The university's own information management people know a lot. However, they do not need to acquire all special expertise by themselves especially when that type of expertise is required very seldom. Our experts work closely throughout the project and even afterwards," states Sales Manager Kimmo Nurmivuori of Proact.