Power Machines begins operation on transportation of generator stator for NPP-2

Power Machines, a Russian manufacturer of power equipment, has announced that the operation on the transportation of a high-speed turbogenerator stator manufactured by the company for the first power unit of Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 has begun in Saint-Petersburg.

The stator weighing 497 tons (including its fixture) has been loaded on a unique 32-axle rail transporter with a capacity of 500 tons, ordered by the power plant engineering group to transport such a heavy oversized cargo in JSC Russian Railways.

The turbogenerator stator will be shipped by rail to the site of Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 (NVNPP-2) being under construction. The transportation is to take about two weeks. At the moment the train with its cargo has left the territory of Power Machines OJSC and headed along the route.

Power Machines and Atomenergoprom JSC signed a contract to supply complete sets of main turbine hall equipment for fitting out of NVNPP-2 and Leningradskaya NPP-2 (LNPP-2) in May 2008. Two power units with WWER-type reactors (each having an electric capacity of 1,200MW) will be built at each of the nuclear plants. NVNPP-2 and LNPP-2 are the first nuclear power plants to be built from scratch in Russia within the last 15 years.

According to the contract terms Power Machines are to provide design, manufacturing and supply of four complete sets of steam turbines, condensers and separate auxiliary equipment of turbine plant systems, as well as four complete sets of turbogenerators comprising auxiliary systems equipment, an excitation system and an exciter to NVNPP-2 and LNPP-2.

The 1200MW steam turbines and turbogenerators for NPPs are products developed by Power Machines with an orientation to the new-generation nuclear power units with increased reliability and safety being built in the Russian Federation within the framework of NPP-2006 project implementation.

The turbogenerators which are designed and produced by Power Machines for NNPP-2 and LNPP-2, represent a development of a series of fully water-cooled turbine generators being efficient, explosion-proof and fire-resistant turbogenerators for nuclear power plants and having no parallel in the world nuclear power plant engineering.

Fundamentally new design solutions for these turbine generators have been perfected by specialists of the power plant engineering group at 800MW machines being operated for a long time at the Ryazanskaya and Permskaya TPPs and also at an 890MW turbogenerator manufactured in 2010 for the 4th unit of Beloyarskaya NPP which is currently under construction.