NRK launches new file-based workflow solution powered by Signiant

NRK, Norway's national broadcaster, has launched a file-based workflow solution for publishing field and user-generated content powered by Signiant, a provider of file movement software.

Combining the strengths of Signiant's accelerated Managers+Agents, Media Exchange and Media Shuttle software, the application known as TIPS leverages a broadcast automation platform built for NRK by local integrator Mediateket.

With TIPS a producer or journalist can define how, where and when user-generated news content best fits into their operations - and use Signiant's accelerated file transfer software to move content through a process where it is metatagged, transcoded if needed, and sent to downstream destinations, including a Media Asset Management (MAM) system for archiving.

"Signiant helped us to create one of the most advanced automated news workflows in the world, where we avoid time-consuming repetitive tasks, expedite content movement and give our staff the tools to use the wealth of user- sourced content to create engaging news packages across all our media properties," said Rune Hagberg, Solutions Architect at NRK. "During the Olympics, Signiant's solution proved its power for greatly accelerating content delivery, and now that we are integrating it with a host of mission-critical broadcast systems, it has become a vital part of our operations infrastructure."

Signiant's Managers+Agents software includes file-based workflow modeling and administration features that are designed to orchestrate the tasks of preparing material for distribution and playout, including ingest, quality screening, virus scan, update scheduling, transcoding and MAM archiving. Signiant allows media organizations to exchange content and metadata files with other users, systems and applications regardless of geographic location or file size. Agents installed on the sending and receiving ends manage and track content movement centrally to certify delivery, Signiant said.