MMRGlobal receives fifth online medical records patent from USPTO

MMRGlobal, Inc., a provider of secure online personal health records and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions, has received fifth online medical records patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO.

As of the issuance, MMR will be the owner of five US patents pertaining to personal health records and other eHealth records, along with additional patents in at least 13 other countries of commercial interest.

The newest patent adds to the company's Health Information Technology (HIT) patent portfolio consisting of 360 issued and/or pending claims, many originating as far back as 2005, while further solidifying MMR's position in the online medical records market. MMR has already contacted and offered licenses to more than 1,000 hospitals, group practices, and EMR and PHR providers in letters, sales presentations and other public forums. Since the Company began sending notices, it has reached agreements with EMR vendor(s) and others who provide health IT products and is in conversations with hospitals, trade associations and nursing agencies with regard to selling or licensing of the company's products and services or eHealth IP.

The company's patents were designed and created to protect its core health IT business which includes the MyMedicalRecords PHR and MMRPro document management and scanning systems for healthcare professionals. The company also provides online storage solutions under the MyEsafeDepositBox brand. MMR is making its proprietary technology available either by selling its products and services, or through a reasonable licensing program so as not to deprive healthcare professionals of the value of the MMR patented products and services. Company CEO Robert Lorsch is the inventor of all the eHealth patents owned by the company.

The MMR patent portfolio pertains to communication of health information from healthcare providers to patients and users of web-based services for user management of medical records, including but not limited to Electronic Medical Records and Personal Health Records.

According to Lorsch, "Unlike patent trolling firms that seek to monetize another organization's intellectual property, our patents cover services we currently offer to customers as part of our existing products. Our intellectual property is based upon our core business. We saw the opportunity to invent and protect a universally applicable Personal Health Record and other eHealth products and services many years ago when we started building them and took steps to protect our ideas globally."