Mariner receives contract to provide CommandBridge to Port Everglades, Florida

The Mariner Group, LLC, a provider of integrated physical and logical security systems and services, has received a contract to provide its situation management and security system, CommandBridge, to Port Everglades, Florida.

"Mariner is very proud to have been chosen by Port Everglades for this important project. Our CommandBridge security integration platform provides overall security situation awareness to significantly enhance incident management. CommandBridge is designed to adapt to virtually any environment requiring advanced situation awareness, automated anomaly detection, real-time event collaboration, and response and recover work-flow processing all in an easy to use application," said Steve Dryden, president & CEO, Mariner.

"Mariner's CommandBridge platform uses advanced software technology to cut through security-information clutter, surface vital data place it in a relevant context, give users various options for action, and allow them to easily share the information inside their organization and with outside agencies" said Erin Phelps, Sr. vice president, Mariner. "With more than ten years of proven field experience, CommandBridge has evolved to meet maritime and coastal domain awareness needs throughout the US and we are very pleased to include Port Everglades as a client."