Maldives Islands resort selects IP Voice Alarm and Emergency Intercom Solution

Barix has announced that it is helping the parent company of a Maldives Islands resort to improve property security through the power of IP audio.

According to the company, the system, installed by Maldives-based systems integration firm EIT Private Limited, integrates two-way Audio over IP technology from Barix as part of an intrusion alarm solution for the business offices of Bandos Island Resort and Spa. The complete solution also includes CCTV video and remote monitoring components.

EIT Private Limited installed a security system following recent burglaries at the resort's headquarters, located in the 13-story Jazeera Building in the capital city of Male'. The Barix solution employs two Annuncicom PS1 devices, with one at the main Jazeera Building control center and a second in a control center on resort grounds, where all remote monitoring takes place. The PS1 enables a direct connection for intercom communications between the two control centers over an eight-mile (13-kilometer) distance.

"Barix offers the best option today for a customized IP audio solution in security, with open software that allows us to integrate and customize their hardware," said Afzal.

"Most vendors don't provide that kind of flexibility. In this case, Bandos Island Resort and Spa no longer have to depend on others or worry about the questionable reliability of SMS-based mobile communication to report security incidents. The PS1 ensures that guards can better communicate (at no additional cost), and more effectively catch suspects during a forced entry or theft."

The configuration for the Bandos Island Resort and Spa system uses standard voice over IP (VoIP) protocols for communication between guards at two control centers. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calls can be initiated to allow communication with multiple receiving devices. Remote access control at the main office building entrance is also made possible with the Barix installation.