Linear Technology introduces new precision operational amplifier

Linear Technology Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of analog integrated circuits, has announced the introduction of new LTC6090, a precision operational amplifier that operates on a supply voltage up to 140V.

Its combination of rail-to-rail output, 3pA (typical) input bias current, 1.6mV maximum input offset voltage and 3.5mcVP-P low frequency noise delivers the precision required for high performance ATE, piezo driver, and DAC buffer applications. An enhanced slew rate of 19V/mcs allows the output to swing 140V in less than 8mcs. Gain bandwidth product is 10MHz, the company said.

The LTC6090 is optimized both for designs with high impedance inputs and those sensitive to leakage currents. In addition to a standard SO-8 package with exposed pad, the LTC6090 is available in a TSSOP package with guard pins. This allows a guard ring to be routed around the input to completely enclose it.

Thermal characteristics are a concern for any high voltage space-constrained system. The LTC6090 is designed with these challenges in mind. Supply current is only 3.9mA max. Output current is typically ±10mA. A thermal flag pin (TFLAG) signals when the device junction temperature exceeds 145°C. This pin can be connected to the Output Disable pin for active thermal management. Both TSSOP-16 and SOIC-8 package versions include an exposed pad to minimize thermal resistance, the company added.