KnoahSoft announces availability of Harmony suite through Avaya

KnoahSoft, a workforce optimization solutions provider, has announced that its Harmony suite of recording, quality assurance, surveying, workforce management and analytics solutions will be sold through Avaya, a provider of business collaboration and communication solutions, through the Avaya Select Product Program.

KnoahSoft's Harmony suite that is offered through the program has been compliance-tested for compatibility with Avaya Aura and compliance testing is underway with Avaya IP Office. By integrating with an Avaya platform, it makes it easy for companies to improve regulatory and business process compliance, improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction, the company said.

Harmony, combined with Avaya communications solutions, reportedly provides a comprehensive, secure workforce optimization solution for small, medium and large enterprises. As part of Avaya's orderable solution set, KnoahSoft solutions can be easily purchased through both Avaya and its channel partners. Customers can add specific capabilities to their existing Avaya platform or can source a complete Avaya-based communications solution that incorporates KnoahSoft Harmony.

Ralph Barletta, president and Co-Founder, Knoahsoft, said: "KnoahSoft is pleased to be working with Avaya through its Select Product Program (SPP) to bring customers both sets of technology with simplicity and ease. We want to make sure every user has the opportunity to benefit from the value Avaya and KnoahSoft can deliver together to streamline their operations and optimize their workforce."