Kikkoman Opens Second US Plant in California

(COMPANY PRESS RELEASE) Kikkoman Foods, Inc., opened its second U.S. manufacturing plant on October 6 in the city of Folsom.

The state-of-the-art, 95,000-square-foot facility was built at a cost of $46 million. Initially, the California plant will produce 2.6 million gallons of soy sauce per year. Guests at the Grand Opening Ceremony included Yuzaburo Mogi, President and CEO of Kikkoman Corporation; Lee Grissom, Secretary of the California Trade and Commerce Agency; and Folsom Mayor Steve Miklos.

Naturally brewed Kikkoman Soy Sauce is one of the world's most successful global brands. Kikkoman Corporation, the parent company of Kikkoman Foods, Inc., reported 1997 sales of $1.6 billion. Kikkoman's global success is due to its naturally brewed product and a marketing strategy that emphasizes the product's versatility in mainstream cooking. Kikkoman is the best-selling and most widely recognized brand-name soy sauce in America,prized for its vast range of uses-from flavor enhancer and sauce base to marinade and table-top condiment.

Kikkoman has about 50 percent of the soy sauce market in North America. As Mr. Mogi stated, "With the new California plant, Kikkoman Foods, Inc., is ideally positioned to respond to a growing demand in the western U.S. markets."

Kikkoman Corporation is known for the production and sale of premium-quality, naturally brewed soy sauce. From its small beginnings more than 300 years ago as the Mogi family brewery in Noda City, a suburb of Tokyo, Kikkoman has become a multinational corporation with more than 4,000 employees and business operations in almost 100 countries. Kikkoman Corporation also produces and sells other products, including wine, and holds the distribution rights for Del Monte products in Asia and Oceania, except for the Philippines.

The California plant is the newest addition to Kikkoman's overseas operations, which include facilities in Wisconsin, Singapore, Taiwan and the Netherlands. Kikkoman's first U.S. plant in Walworth, Wisconsin, celebrated its 25th anniversary in June 1998.