Intersil introduces two new LED driver controllers

Intersil Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed signal semiconductors, has introduced two new LED driver controllers, the ISL1903 and ISL1904, that operate in critical conduction mode, or CrCM, and provide dimming capability for isolated and non-isolated AC mains LED lighting applications.

According to the company, the ISL1903 and ISL1904 are single-ended buck and flyback LED driver controllers that support single-stage conversion of the AC mains to a constant current source with power factor correction (PFC).

Designed for isolated and non-isolated power applications, the ISL1903 supports buck converter topologies including isolated forward converters and non-isolated source return buck converters, the company said.

The ISL1904 supports isolated flyback as well as non-isolated SEPIC and Boost topologies. They operate in CrCM to allow near zero-voltage switching, maximizing both efficiency and magnetic core utilization.

Both the ISL1903 and ISL1904 may also be used with DC input sources. Both devices deliver near-universal dimmer compatibility, and are designed for industrial and commercial lighting installations and retrofits. Additionally, they can be used in DC or AC input LED ballasts and in universal AC mains input LED retrofit lamps, the company added.