Hitachi receives order to build two steam turbine generators in India

Hitachi, Ltd. has received an order from its Indian partner BGR Energy Systems Ltd. and the NTPC Limited of India to build two steam turbine generators for the Lara Super Thermal Power Project, a new 800MW coal-fired power plant in the state of Chhattisgarh in India.

NTPC is currently planning the construction of nine coal-fired power plants at four different sites, and in September 2011 BGR Energy Systems was awarded preferred bidder status for four steam turbine generators at two different sites.

This order formalizes this arrangement for two units at one site. A decision has also been made to proceed with two units at the Darlipali Super Thermal Power Project, the other site in the state of Orissa, and a formal order is anticipated in due course.

Hitachi and BGR Energy Systems established a joint-venture, BGR Turbines Company Private Limited, in September 2010 to manufacture steam turbine generators for coal-fired power generation to the growing Indian market.

BGR Energy Systems is the lead contractor for this new order, and Hitachi will supply the key equipment for two steam turbine generators through BGR Turbines. Operation of two units for Lara Project is scheduled to commence in 2016.