Health Discovery Corporation appoints new CEO

Health Discovery Corporation, or HDC, a molecular diagnostics company, has appointed John Norris as the new CEO of the company.

John Norris will succeed Dr Stephen Barnhill, who founded HDC, served as Chairman and CEO for nine years. Dr Norris, until his appointment as CEO, was Executive vice president, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Regulatory Officer of Health Discovery Corporation and had served in that capacity for the past three years.

Dr Norris is a Former Principal Deputy Commissioner (second-in-command) and COO of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), where with Former FDA Commissioner, Dr Frank Young, he co-led the last major reform of the FDA. This work was performed under the overall leadership of President Ronald Reagan, HHS Secretaries Margaret Heckler and Dr Otis Bowen, FDA Commissioner Dr Frank Young, Senator Orrin Hatch, and Congressman Paul Rogers.

John is a Former Director and Co-Leader of the turnaround of Summit Technology, inventor of computer-driven (semi-automated) laser eye surgery. In addition, Dr Norris is a Former Corporate Officer, Corporate Executive vice president, and Worldwide Managing Director for Life Sciences Coaching and Consulting at Hill & Knowlton.

Dr Norris is a Director of Ischemix, a developer of next generation heart medicines for advancing ischemia-reperfusion therapy. In addition, he was CEO and is now Chairman of Needlebot, a developer and manufacturer of a next generation software search engine for searching and analyzing "unstructured text" contained in many sources, including nurses' notes, doctors' notes, medical records, medical literature, and clinical trial records, at both the Internet and Enterprise levels, as well as CEO and now Chairman of Norris Capital, a corporate finance and holding company and a boutique legal, regulatory, financial, marketing, and management/strategy coaching and consulting firm. He is also a Director of Last Call Ventures, LLC, a food-supplement company.

According to HDC Board Chairman, Dr Joe McKenzie, "John has served with distinction for the past three years, and we intend to rely on his global vision of the future of healthcare-delivery-system reform, of healthcare-IT reform, and of FDA reform to drive the transformation of HDC into its next phase of growth."