Digital Dispatch Systems receives contract for implementation of Vector 9000

DDS Wireless International Inc., a provider of application software, has announced that its taxi business unit, Digital Dispatch Systems has signed a contract with a taxi company in California for $700,000 for the implementation of DDS's mobile data terminal, the Vector 9000.

The other Taxi business unit contracts signed also include upgrades to the PathFinder system in British Columbia and continued purchases of EMV units in Alberta. The Company has also announced that its Transit business unit StrataGen Systems Inc. has closed orders for its mobile computers of $400,000. These deals are a continuation of StrataGen's efforts to expand the footprint for the Vector 9000 in key transit markets. DDS anticipates that approximately $800,000 of the contract signings will be recognized as revenue in fiscal 2012.

"We are very pleased that this long standing customer of 16 years and other marquee customers in the California region have elected to upgrade to our new products, the PathFinder dispatch software and the Vector 9000 mobile computers" stated Vari Ghai, CEO of DDS. "We are very encouraged with this continued trend of upgrades in our customer base."