Comcast announces availability of Upware marketplace

Comcast Corporation, a media and technology company, has announced the availability of Upware marketplace, a suite of cloud-based business solutions that can be purchased through one integrated web portal.

The Upware marketplace contains a carefully selected list of third-party, cloud-based business applications from companies in key categories such as data backup, data security, and collaboration, the company said.

With Upware, Comcast has reportedly chosen a select group of top-tier vendors that meet a strict set of security, redundancy and customer service requirements and can provide both the best performance as well as ease of use for businesses.

Organized on the online portal in "aisles" by technology, the vendors include: Data Backup - Carbonite (data backup), DigitalSafe (data backup), and Mozy (online backup); Data Security - Norton (security) and Websense (security); Collaboration - Box (online storage), Microsoft (Web collaboration), Soonr (online file sharing), and YouSendIt (document collaboration).

"We know small business owners and we know what tools they need to grow their businesses," said Kevin O'Toole, Senior vice president and General Manager, New Business Solutions at Comcast Business Services. "Upware simplifies what can be a complex world of choices when evaluating cloud-based services. With the choice of these top vendors, business owners can quickly choose what tools they need to run their businesses and keep their focus on their number one priority serving their customers."

From Upware marketplace, business customers can purchase and use cloud services, as well as order other Comcast Business services including Business VoiceEdge, Website Hosting and Signature Support, a program for on-site tech support. It also enables customers to pick and choose one or many of the offerings, based on their unique technology and business needs.

With the help of Upware marketplace, business owners can add or remove employees from the system as their business needs change. Plus, users have the simplicity of one number to call for support, management and troubleshooting for everything associated with their Comcast Business Class Internet service including the Upware marketplace and the software applications themselves, the company said.

In addition to the nine applications currently on the Upware marketplace, more applications will be added in the near future to existing aisles and new aisles will be added to address other business needs such as marketing and customer relationship management, the company added.